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Significant growth and a massive boost in profits for GK according to preliminary figures

According to preliminary figures, GK Software SE again continued its course of growth.

  • Double-digit sales growth to 130.8 million euros
  • EBITDA - increase of 38.7 percent to 26.5 million euros

With EBITDA of 26.5 million euros, the previous year's figure was exceeded by more than one third (2020: 19.3 million euros). This was based on a significantly stronger increase in sales than in the previous year. Sales grew by 11.7 percent to reach 130.8 million euros (2020: 117.6 million euros), resulting in an EBITDA margin of 20.3 percent. 

A major contribution to these results came from the acquisition of a total of 15 new customers in the CLOUD4RETAIL business, seven of them signing SaaS contracts. This demonstrates that GK is moving forward with the transition to the cloud business at an accelerated speed, and it continues to grow and be profitable in the process.

The company's full report is expected to be published on 28 April.