The prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine (prudsys RDE for short) automates your personalization and pricing processes across the entire value-added chain. This allows you to offer customers a shopping experience of the utmost personal relevance at every sales touch point while simultaneously and automatically setting the optimal price for every product in your product range, every time. As a result, you can sustainably increase both customer retention and your earnings.

Leading retailers such as babywalz, bonprix, Conrad, COOP, Douglas, OBI, Thalia and Würth have been using the prudsys RDE for years with great success.

Delight your customers with personalized shopping experiences

At every point on the customer journey, offer your customers shopping experiences that are tailored 1:1 to their personal needs. Take advantage of the potential of artificial intelligence and transform your data into turnover-boosting knowledge. Use personalized product recommendations to inspire your customers, use personalized purchase incentives to avoid shopping basket cancellations and segment the target groups of your campaigns for an optimal ROI.

With the prudsys RDE, you can:

  • Recommend the right products across all channels

  • Reach the perfect target group for your campaigns

  • Use product recommendations with the same look to inspire

  • Avoid shopping basket cancellations

  • Automate the content of your digital advertizing space

Optimize your pricing strategies with big data and AI

Make the best price decisions every time. Through the use of intelligent pricing algorithms, adapt your prices automatically to constantly changing context conditions such as demand, inventory and competitor prices. Reduce waste and avoid out-of-stock situations. Optimize turnover, sales and earnings across all sales channels.

With the prudsys RDE, you can:

  • Use price optimization at the item level to maximize the success of your turnover and earnings strategies

  • Reduce markdowns and control your inventory

  • Optimize your earnings by taking into account substitution relationships

  • Automate pricing for long tail products

  • Use personalized coupons to increase purchase frequency

What makes the prudsys RDE unique?

  • Agile AI: Intelligent algorithms are the heart of the prudsys RDE. The intelligent agents adapt their behavior to changing context conditions flexibly and quickly.

  • Real time: The prudsys RDE constantly monitors all relevant context conditions such as customer behavior, inventory and competitor prices and adapts its behavior to changes in real time.

  • Omnichannel: The prudsys RDE automates pricing and personalization processes at all touch points on the customer journey.

  • Stability: The prudsys RDE is fail-safe, even at peak loads. It can handle a rush of customers during a discount campaign or product launch with consistently high performance.

  • Simple integration: The prudsys RDE works with an in-memory database. It integrates seamlessly into your IT infrastructure within a very short period of time.

  • High scalability: The prudsys RDE is a high-performance solution that can process even huge amounts of data in an average of 0.025 seconds. For the sake of comparison: A blink lasts 0.1 seconds.

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