prudsys AG is the leading provider of agile AI technologies for omni-channel retail. The company, with sites in Chemnitz and Berlin, has been part of GK Software Group since 2017.

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The product at the core of prudsys AG is the AI-based prudsys Real-Time Decision Engine (prudsys RDE). The solution automates personalization and pricing processes across the entire value chain, allowing retailers to offer customers a seamless, hyper-relevant shopping experience on every sales channel, while simultaneously maximizing customer loyalty and earnings. prudsys AG customers include OBI, COOP, Douglas, Thalia and Würth.

As a pioneer in the fields of real-time personalization and automated pricing, the company has actively worked to shape the development of omni-channel retail from its inception. The company was founded in 1998 and its in-house research department works tirelessly to further develop intelligent algorithms and test innovative methods for omni-channel business. The company is the holder of numerous patents and places great importance on cooperation with renowned scientific institutions.

In addition, prudsys AG has hosted the DATA MINING CUP since 2000. Every year, over one hundred universities and thousands of students participate in the internationally renowned competition for intelligent data analytics and forecasting. Through this initiative, prudsys AG is successfully bridging the gap between theory and practice.

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prudsys AG
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The Supervisory Board at GK Software SE supports and advises the Management Board in its leadership, management and direction of the company. It also oversees company leadership to ensure compliance with current laws as well as the company’s articles of association and valid rules of procedure.

The Supervisory Board is therefore involved in all decisions that are of fundamental importance for GK Software SE. Through a constant and thorough exchange of information, the company’s Management Board and Supervisory Board work closely together for the benefit of the company.

The Supervisory Board at GK Software SE is comprised of three members, as outlined in the articles of association. Provided that the annual shareholders’ meeting does not decide anything different, the members of the Supervisory Board are elected for a period until the end of the annual shareholders’ meeting during the fourth business year after the start of their term.

members of the Supervisory Board

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Uwe Ludwig, Chairman

  • Member since: Sept. 17, 2011
  • Elected until: 2021 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting
  • Year of birth: 1945
  • Nationality: German
  • Qualifications: Graduate Degree in Economics
  • Profession: Business Consultant
  • Membership of other supervisory boards or similar committees: non

Uwe Ludwig has supported the growth of GK Software SE for almost 20 years – initially as a consultant and then actively as a board member. Since the company became public, he has acted as the Chairman of the company’s Supervisory Board. He brings many years of experience in managing wholesale and retail companies, knowledge of management practices as a restructuring consultant, and experience in other supervisory board positions, to the role. He is responsible for overseeing strategy, controlling, finances, compliance and human resources.


Thomas Bleier, Deputy Chairman

  • Member since: June 11, 2003
  • Elected until: 2022 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting
  • Year of birth: 1955
  • Nationality: German
  • Qualifications: Savings bank management expert
  • Profession: Managing Director of BSV - Beteiligungsgesellschaft der Sparkasse Vogtland mbH
  • Membership of other supervisory boards or similar committees: Member of the supervisory board at Mastersolution AG, Plauen

Thomas Bleier has supported the growth of GK Software for almost 15 years and has served as the Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board since 2011. He brings with him many years of experience in banking management and as a member of supervisory boards at other public limited companies. As the financial expert on the Supervisory Board, he is responsible for overseeing finances, administration, risk management and financial planning.


Herbert Zinn, Member

  • Member since: June 16, 2011
  • Elected until: 2023 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting
  • Year of birth: 1950
  • Nationality: German
  • Qualifications: Commerce Degree
  • Profession: Managing Director, holding and property company
  • Membership of other supervisory boards or similar committees: none

Herbert Zinn has served as a member of the Supervisory Board since 2011. After serving in management roles at several large retail organizations, he has been self-employed as a successful entrepreneur for almost 30 years. As a member of the Supervisory Board, he is responsible for overseeing issues regarding marketing, innovation, the market and competitive environment, as well as the company’s property and business sites.


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Eurosoftware, s.r.o is part of the GK Software Group, a leading supplier of store solutions for international retailers. It is located in Pilsen, Czech Republic.

Eurosoftware s.r.o was founded in 1997 as a subsidiary company of GK Software. Originally involved in state-of-the-art application development using Java and database technologies, Eurosoftware quickly became a leading high-tech company in Pilsen. The company is now a worldwide producer of leading software solutions for GK Software Group, which are used by many international retail chains.

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Eurosoftware s.r.o.

Kalikovský mlýn
Radčická 40
30100 Plzeň
Czech Republic
Phone: (+420) 379 307 311
Fax: (+420) 379 307 326
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our mission at GK Software is to be the world’s leading provider of the most comprehensive retail applications for real-time omni-channel business.

Therefore, it is our goal to deliver the most innovative and flexible solutions to enable our retailer customers to better serve their shoppers and successfully compete against other retailers.

As a leader in innovation, technology and quality, we develop superior solutions, tap into new markets and pioneer the introduction of modern technologies in the retail environment.

Our market success is based on the scope and quality of our solutions portfolio as well as our vast corporate network that allows us to successfully implement major international projects.

Omni-channel focus

As retail continues to evolve, we believe the store will continue to be the key touchpoint that determines the success of a retailer. The comprehensive mapping of all store-related processes is therefore the focus of our solution portfolio. At the same time, the store is increasingly part of a broader system of sales channels and customer touchpoints.

That is why our solution portfolio provides a comprehensive technology platform for retailers to implement winning omni-channel strategies.


GK Software USA, Inc.
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