Award-winning solution: Grab-and-Go store format GK GO honored at Paris Retail Week in the 'Agile Customer Journey' category


GK GO has been awarded with the renowned Paris Retail Award for providing the best ‘Agile Customer Journey’, one of the award's main categories, on September 21, 2022. An independent jury of eight mentors acknowledged GK’s cloud solution particularly for its capability of delivering promising results for retailers in the fields of scan- and frictionless shopping as well as mobile POS.




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September 21, 2022
Paris Retail Award 2022

GK GO is scanless shopping done right – without lines at the checkout and no need to scan items, or queue to pay. It provides a superior shopping experience, where scanning items is a thing of the past, yet the shoppers and retailers can see information about the shopping cart in real-time. GK GO demonstrates how contactless services and automatic stores with automatic item registration can be implemented for retailers.


Based on the GK CLOUD4RETAIL platform, GK has set up a scan-less store format in a pop-up container to demonstrate the entire system during Paris Retail Week. This is remarkable for the fact that all transactions are visible in real-time on the consumers' smartphones. This enables a direct feedback channel for retailers to communicate with consumers while they are shopping – not just afterwards. The item recognition & consumer tracking technology GK GO has been implemented by GK with partners Hitachi and Shekel.


About The Paris Retail Awards:
The Paris Retail Awards help contractors and service providers to strengthen their reputation, to reward the work of the team behind a project, initiate new contacts and even raise equity, as previous winners did. The main goal of this competition is to identify promising companies and innovations able to effectively provide solutions to issues faced by e-merchants, retailers and brands in general. The Jury, composed of our eight mentors, selected for their expertise on the subject, will have to select among all the projects submitted the most promising proposals in eight categories.


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