360 degree customer experience – Leader in "Customer Satisfaction in B2B"


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1. GK Software

2. Software AG
3. Datev
4. USU
5. salesforce
6. Novell
7. Infor Global Solutions
8. Informatica
9. SAS
10. Micro Focus
11. SAP
12. CompuGroup Medical Deutschland
13. Microsoft Deutschland
14. Kaspersky
15. Adobe
16. Oracle Deutschland
17. Avira

November 8, 2021
WELT-Report "Customer Satisfaction in B2B"

GK not only improves the customer experience for retailers worldwide. GK itself is leader in customer experience among leading B2B-Software peers. The independent study "Customer Satisfaction in B2B" conducted by Service Value on behalf of the WELT news channel, acknowledges GK with top marks in the field of customer satisfaction.

GK is the industry winner in the software category. This is because our mission is to provide our customers with the best possible software and 24/7 service to help them run their business processes smoothly.

GK is recognised as a leading global provider of comprehensive POS systems and store solutions, and is regarded as more than just a software company. GK is an innovation and service partner and our customers appreciate that. GK offers single source full service for the entire store IT system because satisfied customers are GK’s greatest reference.



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