Your customers have high expectations for service, quality and convenience. In exchange for their personal information, they expect highly relevant offers and communications - and your staff must know how to cater to each one of them individually.

What's more, an increasing number of retail verticals - from grocery to convenience to book stores - now offer prepared foods in order to create unique in-store experiences and a one-stop shop for time-crunched consumers.

To keep pace with the change and to simplify your solution ecosystem, you need a vendor partner who can move as fast as you do with a powerful all-in-one platform.

Whether you’re looking for a mobile POS solution to introduce pay-at-table or exploring the "grocerant" concept, we make it easy to upgrade your clienteling, eliminate barriers to convenience and do away with costly redundancies.

Our omni-channel point of sale platform helps you offer the very best service to your customers while unifying disparate systems and creating a rewarding retail experience - across the entire enterprise, at scale. 

GK has the solutions you need:

Omnichannel Point of Sale

Our market leading OmniPOS platform enables you to access every functionality of GK’s business suite, not only in the store, but throughout the entire enterprise, at any location, and on any device. Configured specifically for hospitality industry, the platform empowers restaurants to execute an effective cross-channel strategy.

Mobile POS

Say goodbye to time-intensive bill paying processes. In combination with our market-leading payments application, TransAction+, our Mobile POS solution enables your associates with a full-service solution to process transactions at the table. We bring unrivaled flexibility, security and speed to the checkout process with a seamless payment experience that works on any hardware.