As a mass merchandise retailer, you want the ability to sell anything from anywhere, at scale. With a high volume of transactions and many lanes per store, it’s important that you have an omnichannel platform that extends beyond the traditional checkout and can scale easily to suit any new customer demand or business opportunity.

GK can help you achieve the promise of endless aisle retailing with our flexible, omnichannel POS platform.

It makes it easy to manage any size transaction in real time, keeping pace with any backend requirement in any environment and providing your associates with up-to-date inventory and consistent price information both online and offline.

With a robust suite of applications built on one powerful platform, we make it easy to connect online and in-store experiences in real time – allowing you to deliver a seamless experience for every customer on any channel.

GK has the solutions you need:

Omnichannel POS

Our market leading OmniPOS platform enables you to access every functionality of GK’s business suite, not only in the store, but throughout the entire enterprise, at any location, and on any device.


Mobile POS

Say goodbye to long checkout lines. Our Mobile POS solution enables your associates with a full-service solution to process transactions anywhere in the store.



Our answer to frictionless checkout allows the deployment of self-explanatory, self-guided scanning and payment process across a variety of models – including pure self-checkout and conventional point of sale counter scales.


Mobile Customer Assistant

Our Mobile Customer Assistant (MCA) delivers enhanced mobile experiences to customers anywhere in the store, including mobile couponing, mobile payment and mobile self-scanning.



Our Mobile Merchandise Management application enables seamless end-to-end product control and significantly improve the quality and value of enterprise inventory data.



Our innovative payments application, TransAction+, brings unrivaled flexibility, security and speed to the checkout process with a seamless payment experience and unique payment optimization features.