August 06, 2021
4 min read

Announcing GK Hospitality: Breaking Down Barriers Between Retail and Convenience

Announcing GK Hospitality: Breaking Down Barriers Between Retail and Convenience

As retail segments continue to blend, businesses who operate hospitality services require a single, unified POS solution for all of their processes. Whether convenience stores to supermarkets with food service – similar to Whole Foods opening restaurants and bars – a unified POS simplifies integrations, reduces the cost and time required for maintenance and gives retailers the agility needed for continuous innovation. 

Recognizing this need, GK Software has launched GK Hospitality, enabling retail companies to now use the same highly scalable software platform that they use for other areas in their stores for their restaurant and hospitality segments.

Catering to restaurant requirements

The new solution meets customers’ high expectations for service, quality and convenience by offering common restaurant features, including:

  • Assigning orders to tables
  • Supplying counter or kitchen printers with data
  • Splitting tables when paying, creating subtotals
  • Handover when changing shifts
  • Recording tips

Serving the POS for all departments

Manufactum, a German retailer, is currently utilizing the GK Hospitality solution. The company relies on GK Software’s solutions across all of its business units, including its hospitality department, Manufactum Brot & Butter. By using standardized software, guests are able to frictionlessly pay for food items they order in-store, as well as items they purchase at the checkout lane.

Of the implementation, Jens Braida, Manufactum Group’s Project Manager notes, “We offer our customers a seamless, end-to-end dining and shopping experience. A standardized software solution is the answer to this, and at the same time enables us to reduce the number of systems in use.”


Reducing complexity to better serve customers

Beyond reducing complexity, the GK Hospitality solution simplifies an overarching customer approach to the point of sale, as well as implementing company-wide promotions and loyalty campaigns.

Under the CLOUD4RETAIL platform, GK Hospitality enables retailers to provide payment options from anywhere. Reach out to us to learn more about how a single POS platform can benefit your business.