July 23, 2020
7 min read

Steps to BOPIS Success

Recently, we published a blog on the new look of buy online, pickup in-store (BOPIS) services post-pandemic. We explored how a flexible, standalone BOPIS solution can make integration and deployment easier than ever. This is essential as BOPIS has become a critical service for many retailers to generate sales while offering a safe and convenient shopping option for customers. In fact, according to a consumer flash poll by NRF, half of all consumers have used BOPIS as a result of COVID-19.

Looking ahead, BOPIS will likely continue to grow even after the pandemic. In response, retailers will need to ensure that they properly implement this capability not just as a temporary solution, but a permanent long-term fixture. BOPIS is here to stay, which means now is the time to identify best practices that will lay a foundation for a successful BOPIS program.

Let’s dive into what capabilities and tools are required to successfully enable this fulfillment option and drive customer loyalty for the long run.

Quick and easy implementation

In the face of a public health emergency, retailers need an intuitive solution that delivers a sense of certainty and security – and they need it now. BOPIS is proven to help ease shoppers’ concerns by providing a safe and convenient way for order fulfillment. But how can retailers who don’t already have the functionality deploy it quickly while avoiding major technical hurdles? 

Fortunately, BOPIS technology is available to all retailers for rapid deployment. Without requiring complete integration to all existing store systems, retailers can flip the switch on a solution that gives them all the fundamental benefits without the headaches of a long deployment. Retailers don’t need to waste time and energy integrating with current merchandise management or POS systems, and instead, can take advantage of solutions that’s designed for immediate use.  

Here’s what that looks like.

Optimized Operations

To fulfill BOPIS orders, retailers will designate certain associates to focus on picking and packing items as quickly and efficiently as possible. This requires equipping associates with automated sorting technology to capture the fastest route for each order, with shopping lists sorted according to refrigeration zones and aisles.

Additionally, inventory has been a big challenge for retailers in recent months, with unpredictable shopping patterns creating spikes in demand on certain items like toilet paper. Associates should be given an accurate view of inventory and be able to note unavailable or substituted products right on the app, providing both customers and retailers real-time insight into what’s available.

Branded omnichannel customer experience

A seamless omnichannel experience requires retailers to bridge the gap between physical and online channels as much as possible. To achieve this, all communication, offline and online, should be branded and consistent across all touchpoints. This includes everything from the mobile app to email communication to signage at the stores. 

Retailers should also ensure they are providing another level of convenience for customers by making the BOPIS solution easy to use. Shoppers should have the capabilities to create a wish list and get essential goods quickly and easily from home. They must be promptly alerted when their order is ready for pickup and easily locate the dedicated BOPIS location inside or outside the store.

Futureproof for new offerings

As BOPIS continues to mature, so too will the list of core integrations and features that are added to this list. The best approach for retailers without a BOPIS option today is to deploy the core features of a robust BOPIS program ASAP. But don’t choose a light solution without potential to grow and evolve.

Retailers will eventually want to integrate new features such as loyalty or personalized promotions down the road, which will require a flexible BOPIS solution that offers all of the central capabilities now and the ability to quickly add integrations later. This is essential for futureproofing your BOPIS offering.

Our GetMyGooods platform provides these requirements by allowing retailers to deliver simple and reliable BOPIS ordering that’s fast and convenient for customers. Contact us today to get started today.