November 19, 2020
5 min read

Meet Omnibasket, the New Collaborative Developer Portal that Empowers Cloud Innovation

Meet Omnibasket, the New Collaborative Developer Portal that Empowers Cloud Innovation

Imagine any point in a customers’ journey with a retailer: the shopping basket should be present through every step. The reality is, this is often difficult to achieve, especially because needs are often developing more rapidly as developers have time to build solutions.  

We’re looking to change that. Omnibasket is a portal that allows developers to access resources at any time, helping them integrate with our cloud4retail platform, which supports unified commerce in the cloud. From there, they can connect cloud4retail's business logic services to their own solutions, or extend GK in-store touchpoints within their apps. 
The new portal is part of our Innovator Partners Program, which helps partners achieve success with new technology implementations while ensuring a swift transition and quick time integration. What’s more, we hope Omnibasket will advance the developer community, as the portal allows them to discuss initiatives in the community forum and even receive support from our experts.  

Reach today's shopper

Within the Omnibasket portal, developers are able to download and install a fully functional point-of-sale system, both mobile and stationary. We often discuss the importance of frictionless options, and non-traditional touchpoints — such as mobile apps, IoT devices and even connected cars — continue to grow in popularity. To meet the expectations of the modern consumer, a retailer must have access to flexible technology when updating basket capabilities, promotions and transaction handling.   
What’s more, developers can also use simple JavaScript to plug-in web apps, including clienteling, time and attendance, as well as rich item content to the point of sale, mobile point of sale or a kiosk. For example, augmented reality is a helpful tool for shoppers to virtually test out products, which is especially important as health and safety is top of mind during COVID-19. 

Reduce time to market and increase innovation

Abacus Lottery Everywhere, a U.K.-based solution provider, connects consumers, retailers, vendors and lotteries to ensure lottery can be played as seamlessly as possible. The company is an early adopter of the new portal, and has found it to provide an innovative opportunity, as retailers can sell lottery games through their existing point-of-sale platforms, without having to install dedicated lottery terminals. 
Simon Butler, CEO, said, "The GK Software Omnibasket developer portal and Innovators program are a revolutionary approach…offering retailers significant benefits with very little effort and time to market integrating into their existing platform. This integrated approach could enable every retail touchpoint to sell lottery, helping to increase the retailer basket size and offering greater consumer convenience." 

Keep the shopping basket in sight

Unified commerce is already the industry standard. Retailers must look to continuous adaptation and innovation to serve shoppers at multiple touchpoints and through multiple tactics, such as promotional messaging and checkout. A cloud-based platform is an essential foundation to ensure there’s one shopping basket at all touchpoints. 
Developers can learn more and register for Omnibasket here