December 07, 2020
5 min read

The Role of POS in Hospitality

In 2019, off-premises dining accounted for 60% of restaurant occasions. As a result of the pandemic, hospitality must be prepared for this number to continue to rise and remain permanent. What’s more, we’re finding that an increasing number of retail verticals are offering prepared foods and food service in order to create unique in-store experience.  

From convenience stores to supermarkets with food service, all retailers who operate some aspect of hospitality require one POS solution for all of their outlets. This ensures loyalty programs and promotions can be available in a consistent way everywhere, which dramatically reduces total cost of ownership for the retailer. Let’s explore specific benefits and features that a single unified POS solution provides:  

Contactless payments

Contactless payments is a major topic this year, as the pandemic has raised concerns around safety. If ordering and pickup are contactless, payment should be the same, in addition to being seamless and efficient.  

Mobile point-of-sale solutions enable restaurants and retailers to provide payment options from anywhere. Whether a shopper wants to pay as soon as they place their order online or swipe a card once they’re in the physical store, retailers can now accommodate any shopper’s needs.  

What’s more, our POS solution offers the ability to start a transaction from any other place or device, and continue it on the POS system. For example, a shopper can preorder food on their mobile device or Apple CarPlay, and the order will automatically replicate into the POS. That way, when they’re ready to pick the food up, it’s available.  

App-enablement and app-less technology 

App-enablement allows retailers to integrate external applications directly into the POS interface to process a transaction. For example, food ordering and delivery services, such as Uber Eats and DoorDash, have their own applications that must communicate with a restaurant’s POS system. Instead of the restaurant simply receiving an email that requires them to take manual steps, there can be true integration with external applications, ensuring all orders go through the same channel and a uniform process.  

In addition to app-enablement, we continue to update our app-less technology features. Imagine all of the benefits of an app, without the need for friction on a consumer’s end. What’s amazing about app-less technology is that it makes it easier for customers to interact with a brand. For example, app-less technology can allow a customer to take a picture of a QR code in order to bring up self-scanning or a pre-order application. 

Reducing labor and manual efforts

Historically, there’s a lot of labor involved when it comes to a customer picking up their order. When efficient infrastructure and technology systems are putting in place, retailers can improve convenience on the customer’s end and reduce manual efforts required internally.   

As even more contactless and curbside processes emerge, the POS software platforms that can meet new demand will be the key to success. Is it time for you to make the switch?