June 04, 2024
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Enhancing Grocery Checkouts with AI-Driven Object Recognition

For over 30 years, we at GK Software have been pioneers in retail technology. Currently, we are working on integrating AI into grocery checkout processes with the aim of improving efficiency and enhancing the customer experience using advanced AI-driven object recognition.

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AI on Peripheral Devices

Our AI technology, once fully developed, will enable image recognition directly at the checkout, operating offline and integrating seamlessly with master data information. This will reduce the reliance on extensive selection tables and speed up transactions, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of the checkout process. Recent advancements in AI are leading us to develop precise, efficient, and resource-saving algorithms that can run on end devices without requiring server communication.

This ensures offline functionality and increases the robustness of the checkout system. With a in-depth understanding of operational processes and hardware requirements, particularly in grocery retail, we are designing solutions that meet the unique needs of retailers. Our extensive experience ensures optimal performance and integration of our technologies. The AI solution we are developing will support MacOS and iOS-based devices, showcasing our flexibility and commitment to accommodating diverse technological environments.

To learn more about our working in the field of AI-driven object recognition, read our brochure.

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