May 06, 2022
5 min read

Get to Know GK: An Interview with Bill Miller, Vice President Sales

In this series, we sit down with members of the GK team to learn more about their experience with the company.  

Tell us a little about your career journey. How did you end up at GK?

My first job was in retail was at an office supply store – stocking shelves and delivering products. Then in college I worked for Chevron in the oil fields and later at Vons Grocery Co. (now part of Albertsons). I did several jobs in stores, including “Scan Coordinator,” which provided valuable background for my future career in POS.

After college, I was moved into the corporate offices for Vons Grocery Co. where I was responsible for hiring across 60 stores. At a new store opening in 1985 I met a representative from Datachecker, the POS provider for Vons. He recruited me, I accepted, and began my career in retail technology.

I started as a Systems Analyst in POS, and then gained experiences over the years in ERP, eCommerce, Loyalty Marketing, Supply Chain and more. My career path has brought me to a variety of companies including Triversity, SAP, Escalate/Blue Martini, NCR/Retalix and now GK.

Is there a project or accomplishment that you're most proud of during your time at GK?

I have loved working with all of my customers and have learned something from all of those experiences. But my first and biggest accomplishment at GK is with Hy-Vee . They’re an incredible retailer and partner, and this project has been a real difference-maker in GK’s US growth.

What do you think makes GK unique?

There are so many great things about GK. We have a fantastic portfolio of solutions on our open and modern platform – driving success for GK and our customers. Our founder and CEO had - and continues to have a great strategic vision. The recent acquisition of an AI company enhanced GK’s portfolio and positioned us well for the future and continued success. 

What is your favorite memory from your time at GK so far?

My favorite memory is now! With our US entry about 6 years ago we started from scratch, and it’s been a great journey with ups and downs along the way. Now we’re hitting critical mass with customer rollouts and our sales pipeline has never been stronger. We have grown with great talent, and I am especially proud of our Sales and Pre-Sales team. The passion and teamwork is incredible and energizes me every day. With so much to celebrate, my favorite memory is now!

What do you like to do in your free time? 

I enjoy going to the gym, skiing, and hiking in the Sierras. I also love spending time with my family, at my in-law’s farm, and watching college football, especially my Fresno State Bulldogs!

If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, which would it be?

This is a tough question because I was actually a music minor in college! Over the last couple of years, I can’t seem to get enough of Chris Stapleton’s "Traveler" or “Long Run” by the Eagles.

What is your favorite vacation spot or the coolest place you've visited?

I have to share a few for this question, including: Yosemite and Mammoth Lakes in the Sierras. Cambria, Hearst Castle and beach on the central coast of California. Newport Beach in southern California for warmer water. I also had an incredible family vacation to the Croatian Adriatic in 2016.

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