September 22, 2022
8 min read

Get to Know GK: An Interview with Daniela Valdez, Alliances & Go-to-Market Manager

In this series, we sit down with members of the GK team to learn more about their experience with our company.  

Tell us a little about your career journey. How did you end up at GK?

I am part of the generation between Millennials and Gen Xers: I grew up off the grid, but as a teenager I had a (pretty embarrassing) MySpace profile and did my homework with the help of the always reliable Encarta. In today's world, having software doing something for you is part of our day-to-day lives, but back then, it was only part of the science fiction stories I loved to read as a teenager.

My love for literature drove me to study a B.A. in Translation just a few years before Google Translate or Deepl existed. Sadly, translation is becoming increasingly underrated, so I decided to take a chance working in editing, writing, marketing and photography production for magazines like Vogue and Harper's Bazaar as well as publishing houses.

But my curiosity about software and AI kept my brain awake at night. I had always been intrigued by this world, so when a friend who worked at SAP told me about GK, I could not resist. Fortunately, I got a job as a Go-to-Market and Partner Alliances Manager at GK. Now I am a proud Latin woman working in a global tech position.

Is there a project or accomplishment that you're most proud of during your time at GK?

In my day-to-day, I work with partners around the world. I'm honored to learn about their unique objectives, teams, workflows, languages and cultures. I feel very proud when we successfully open a new market or secure a new client because I understand the complex teamwork required to do so. I am motivated by how much I learn from my team every day.

We recently had the first of the GK Bar Experience series, an event I conceptualized to work even closer with our partner SAP, turning our solutions into cocktails. I have been working with GK for over a year, and it took me a while to get to know the team in person. That made me realize how important it is to see your colleagues face to face. To read their body language, listen to their life stories, learn about their passions; to connect. It was clear to me we needed to sit our teams down and spend quality time together. It was a great success; how could it not be? Giving people the attention and care they deserve cannot have another outcome. We will replicate this concept all around the world. The most exciting part is getting to work with the professional team that helped me put this together, and to meet our talented SAP colleagues in person. I treasure these moments.  

Also, my team and I are responsible for launching social media for the Latin-American market which has been a great challenge.

What do you think makes GK unique?

My favorite part of working at GK is the people, inside and out. GK conducts business in around 70 countries. Learning about every culture, every market, and solution is a journey that never ends because the needs of our retailers and their customers never stop changing. I feel proud to be part of the retail innovators. There is never a dull day here; GK and our products are transforming the retail industry.

What is your favorite memory from your time at GK so far?

This might sound strange, but, apart from the time I met my colleagues in person,my favorite memory at GK was when I got sick with coronavirus. I was feeling terrible and had lots of urgent work to do. I was concerned about my inability to work, but my team showed up for me. They did not let me do anything but rest and recover.

That's when I realized I was working not only with highly efficient, professional, and talented people but with a team of empathic, caring human beings who take the extra load without hesitating when someone needs it. That is something exceptional, and I cherish it.

What is your favorite vacation spot or the coolest place you've visited?

Whenever someone says go to your happy place, my mind flies to Punta Cometa, in Mazunte, Oaxaca, at sunset. But my favorite vacation spot is Barcelona, where I moved during the pandemic, which has the fascinating Costa Brava a few minutes up North.

This summer I visited Cap de Creus (Girona), which has a restaurant up in the hills where you get a full view of the Mediterranean with wine and paella on the side. Afterwards, you can take a hike that leads you to a cove with turquoise water. It's dreamy.

If you're invited to a dinner party or potluck, what dish are you bringing?

I am Mexican, so bringing a dish to a party is part of my DNA. It comes in very different sizes, shapes, and flavors, from micheladas and mezcal to guacamole, tacos, salsas... the amount of spiciness my crowd can take is the limit.

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