January 31, 2022
5 min read

GK’s TransAction+ Recognized by Forrester for Payments Innovation

Shoppers who are ready to check out are looking for the path of least resistance. As one of the last steps in the customer journey, payment processes have the power to make or break a merchant. According to Forrester, an optimized payment solution can boost confidence and reduce disappointment with customers. In addition, it reduces the risk of data breaches and losing loyal customers.      

GK's TransAction+ payment solution can help merchants of any retail vertical achieve these benefits and reduce the risk of losing critical customers. In fact, TransAction+ was recently recognized in Forrester's Now Tech: Merchant Payment Providers, Q1 2022.

There are several additional key benefits that an innovative payment solution can bring to the table as a strategic element to a merchant's business. Let's take a look at just a few of the many ways our TransAction+ solution can improve the payments process.

Enhance security

The average cost of a data breach in the U.S. is $8.64 million. To minimize this risk, merchants must consider certification for PA-DSS and PABP, as well as support for End-to-End Encryption (E2EE). For fuel retailers, EMV compliance is critical to ensure the burden of any fraud-related charges don't fall on them.

Enable flexibility and adaptability

As payment options continue to grow, merchants must look for a solution that is able to evolve and incorporate new methods of payment. For example, GK recently partnered with Flexa to enable merchants to seamlessly accept dozens of digital currency payment options and easily adapt quickly to the future of payments.  

In addition, a successful payment solution is routinely updated and enhanced to support the latest security, processor and card mandates.

Meet customer demands

Depending on the vertical or services offered, payments must meet a merchant's unique needs when it comes to serving their customers. For restaurants, this might look like a pay-at-table option. For grocers, this could be curbside payment capabilities.

More than half of Americans now use contactless payments, including mobile and QR codes. As a merchant, are you able to accept these payment options?

Let your payments solution work for you

In addition to cost savings, the optimal payment solution is secure, flexible and resilient. Plus, it should be able to manage payment needs without requiring extra infrastructure.

Our TransAction+ solution does just that, and is a leading payment processing application for North America that integrates a variety of point-of-sale systems with a wide range of payment authorization providers.

Learn more about why GK was recognized in Forrester's latest payments research, and how we can help you improve your payment processes.