June 16, 2022
6 min read

IDC Names GK a ‘Leader’ in Grocery and Food Store Retail Point-of-Sale

GK was recently ranked as a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Point-of-Sale Vendors in Grocery and Food Store Retail 2022 Vendor Assessment. The IDC MarketScape report evaluates enterprise POS solution providers in the global grocery industry based on how IT buyers perceive the benefits of the POS Software, as well as the providers' strategy and commitment to enabling retailers' ongoing omnichannel success.

The COVID-19 pandemic shifted customers' priorities forever, increasing their focus on convenience and in-store efficiency. To meet customer demands, retailers were forced to implement high-tech self-checkout options, mobile and on-demand ordering solutions, advanced delivery and BOPIS strategies and more.

So, what makes IDC consider GK a leader in point-of-sale for grocers looking to innovate? Let's take a look at some of our top grocery solutions.

Enabling Scalability and Agility with GK OmniPOS® and CLOUD4RETAIL

GK understands that it takes a well-oiled team of experts and consistent processes to run a grocery enterprise – from the in-store associates and delivery personnel to the buyers, marketers and IT professionals.

GK's OmniPOS® solution, powered by CLOUD4RETAIL, uses the same software for all processes and data management, avoiding the costs and complexities of maintaining multiple solutions. GK's platform also makes it easy to integrate third-party applications and leverage API's that can add to the value of the POS platform.

Advancing Personalization and Analytics with GK SPOT

Customers today expect convenience, and one way to offer a more relevant and personalized experience is to proactively anticipate a shoppers needs. GK SPOT makes this easy by tracking all customer interactions across sales channels and storing them in a cloud-based data lake that is easy for both retailers and customers to utilize for real-time queries and personalized offers.

Offering Convenience and Innovation with GK GO

Shoppers are often in a rush – rushing to get dinner on their way home from work or rushing to get that missing ingredient for the already in-progress recipe waiting back at home. By eliminating the checkout line, the time spent in the grocery store decreases significantly. To meet the needs of the shopper on-the-go, grocers can implement GK GO, a scanless store format that allows shoppers to grab the items on their list and walk out, paying automatically on their phone without ever waiting in line.

GK GO stands apart from the competition because GK's scanless solution keeps customers up to date on the contents of their basket and all relevant information including price, related items, total cost so far, and promotions and coupons that have been redeemed.

Learn More About Why IDC Ranked GK as a Leader

GK is proud to be recognized by IDC for our vast omnichannel grocery solutions, all of which can be paired together seamlessly with GK's CLOUD4RETAIL platform. With innovations ranging from dynamic pricing to scanless checkout, GK is dedicated to building a smooth, unified experience for grocers and an exceptional customer journey for their shoppers. Click here to see more of GK's industry recognitions. 

Still want to learn more about how GK's advanced grocery solutions can improve your grocery business? Reach out to us today, review quotes from our satisfied users or download the IDC Marketscape report here.