April 08, 2022
7 min read

3 Reasons Retailers Love GK Go

GK is ushering in the era of completely contactless shopping, alongside industry giants like Amazon and Starbucks. In fact, in November 2021 GK announced the launch of its new scanless store, GK Go. Located in Schöneck, Germany, home of GK's global headquarters, GK Go utilizes CLOUD4RETAIL to enable a seamless customer journey that can be used autonomously or staffed.

GK Go differs significantly from Amazon Go and other "just walk out" stores because it was built with the end customer in mind. GK Go gives the shopper access to in-depth information about what they're buying, and personalized promotions to further enhance the shopper journey. GK Go also gives retailers the chance to go fully autonomous or implement a hybrid model because the solution incorporates in-app payments, PED payments, partial assistance or the option to "just walk out."

But these aren't the only benefits of GK's latest innovation. Let's dive into the top three reasons retailers love GK GO.

1. Transparency in the customer journey 

Autonomous commerce has grabbed the attention of retailers globally as Amazon opened 30 Amazon Go stores in the last year and other retailers like Whole Foods and Sainsbury's followed suit. GK has approached this innovation differently than other "just walk out" retailers by partnering with Hitachi Smart Spaces solutions 3D Lidar Sensors and Shekel LTD Product Aware Technology to reveal real-time basket updates.

For example, GK Go allows customers to see all relevant information about their basket via an app as they are shopping; this includes items, price, additional product details, total cost so far, and promotions and coupons that have been redeemed. Better yet, these insights are provided with near 100% accuracy without the use of any in-store cameras that could threaten privacy.  

2. Efficient customer engagement  

While some retailers may worry about how an autonomous customer journey will limit brand engagement touchpoints, GK Go mitigates these fears. By creating innovative, new ways for retailers to connect with their shoppers without slowing them down, GK Go actually creates opportunities for retailers.  

The app used with GK Go provides retailers an additional touchpoint that is familiar to the shopper. Through this channel, retailers deliver real-time, personalized deals and recommendations that will increase sales, basket sizes and customer loyalty. These up-to-date, personalized touchpoints are cost-efficient for the retailer and time-efficient for the shopper.  

The GK Go store in Germany is also using electronic shelf labels from Hanshow. These smart screens enable dynamic pricing, promotions and more. All of this combines to provide more efficient operations for retailers, especially in autonomous environments, and a better shopping experience for customers. 

3. Flexibility for the retailer and their partners 

Retailers know that success is driven by market retention and growth, and the fastest way to grow without acquisition is through partnerships. Fortunately, GK Go is built with an open API, giving retailers and their partners unprecedented flexibility. With this architecture, retailers can expand their offerings with little to no impact to their existing systems.  

Since GK Go is hosted on the CLOUD4RETAIL platform, retailers can connect the scanless technology to all existing functionalities on the cloud server. This allows retailers to continue their unified commerce strategy by creating the best experience for any vertical, even as they incorporate the groundbreaking new tools. As the future of retail continues to evolve, GK Go keeps it simple 

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