January 02, 2024
5 min read

What Makes GK a #1 Solution Provider for Customer Satisfaction? Our Customers Share Their Feedback

At GK, we care what our customers think. We create and evolve our innovative solutions based on their unique needs and preferences. We hire our team members based on their ability to offer best-in-class expertise for retailers in every sector we serve.

But you don't have to take our word for it. Recently, our retail customers proved the impact of our approach in the 2024 RIS Leaderboard. This annual ranking by RIS News gathers data on software providers across key areas like return-on-investment, innovation, support, service and customer satisfaction. The feedback for the ranking is derived from the software users, making the Leaderboard an unparalleled tool for other retailers striving to make smart technology investment decisions.

When compared to over 100 of software providers in these head-to-head rankings, GK was ranked very highly for its customer satisfaction, implementation process and offerings for tier one retailers across all sectors.

Customer Satisfaction Is Central to GK's Mission


Whether we are working with a global top 50 retailer (GK works with 22%!) or a regional convenience store chain, we are dedicated to meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations.

In this year's leaderboard, GK was ranked #1 for customer satisfaction for large vendors and targeted solution vendors. We also earned the #2 spot for software reliability. These findings are especially strong considering 49% of retailers reported regretting at least one software purchase made during the last 18 months, according to Gartner.

Even more impactful, these rankings align with the direct feedback we receive from our customers regularly. According to Rob Wilson, CTO, Smyths Toys, the company's implementation with GK increased store operational efficiency with less queue time, less administration time and greater customer satisfaction.

Similarly, the director of IT application services at Savers Value Village said, "GK has made it incredibly easy for us to adapt our business processes to new and future market conditions, providing responsive and adaptable payment capabilities that support great customer experiences in our stores. With GK, we have true partners who know our business and care about our success."

Ease of Integration With Dedicated Service and Support

At GK, we understand how much retailers have on their plates. We believe that technology investments should ease their challenges, not add to them. Fortunately, the Leaderboard rankings highlighted the impact of this initiative.

GK was ranked as #2 for ease of administration and maintenance, and #3 for ease of installation and integration. And this ease is compounded by our single-source full-service approach. Retailers ranked GK as #3 for both quality of support and quality of service.

Finally, once integrated, GK customers reported seeing strong financial benefits. Compared to dozens of other solution providers, we were designated as the #4 vendor for return-on-investment and #5 for total cost of operation.

Top Quality for Retailers of Any Size and Sector

GK currently serves over 450 customers in over 60 countries. Our 570,000 (and growing) product installations span across convenience/fuel, grocery, general merchandise/specialty retail, hospitality, fashion/department stores and mass merchandise sectors.

Regardless of this wide reach, every retailer in any sector is shown the utmost consideration for their unique business needs. Case in point, GK was recognized as a top three solution provider for customer satisfaction by grocery retailers.

In addition, GK was deemed an exceptional solution provider for tier one and mid-size retailers across these sectors. We received number one rankings from these retailers for overall performance, return-on-investment and recommendations.

Reach Out to GK and Learn How Our Offerings Can Exceed Your Expectations

The GK team believes in being true partners for our retailer customers. We support them every step of the way from the initial inquiry through the implementation and beyond.

To see how GK can bring innovative technology to your retail business with top quality support and service, reach out to us today.