September 26, 2019
5 min read

EMV at the Pump: An Opportunity to Future-Proof Payments

The April 17, 2021 deadline for installing EMV chip-card readers at U.S. fuel pumps is fast approaching. In order to prepare, fuel retailers know they must future-proof their payments software and adapt to changing consumer demands. But how?

This report will explore:

  • Why this transition is happening now and why compliance isn’t the only reason to take action
  • What the primary points of emphasis should be when developing a transition plan
  • The future demands on point of sale infrastructure
  • The difference in service and value between best-of-breed fuel payments solutions and a fully integrated retail payment platform
  • The considerations and looming industry changes retailers need to be cognizant of
  • How to manage long-term costs while replacing outdated equipment


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