Bader: Precisely tailored recommendations for quality products achieve high customer resonance


Coherent customer journey thanks to personalized content


Published in June 2024


The Bruno Bader company has stood for quality products in the fashion, home and living segments for over 90 years. To increase traffic in the online stores of the Bader, Brigitte Hachenburg, Klingel, Mona and Cornelia brands and the response in the customer newsletter, the fashion retailer decided to integrate GK AIR Personalization. Together with the partner agency dotsource, the project was implemented within a few months.


In this case study, you will learn, among other things, how Bruno Bader:

  • Increased the recommendation quality and customer response in the online stores of the various brands
  • Increased the click rates in the newsletters and reduced manual effort
  • Increases sales from recommendations compared to the previous recommendation solution



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