January 12, 2024 | Raleigh, NC
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Acumera Showcases Edge Computing and Secure Edge Solutions with GK POS Software Demonstration at NRF 2024

Acumera, the leading end-to-end managed network security and edge computing provider, is thrilled to announce its participation in the National Retail Federation's (NRF) 2024 Annual Convention and Expo. As a testament to its commitment to innovation, Acumera will be conducting demonstrations of GK Software's retail applications, hosted by the Acumera Reliant Platform, at Booth #6645. 

The annual NRF event, Retail's Big Show, serves as a premier platform for industry leaders and innovators to showcase the latest advancements in retail technology. Acumera participates to underscore its dedication to empowering retailers with state-of-the-art solutions that enhance connectivity, security, and operational efficiency. 

Key Features of the Acumera Reliant Platform that enables GK Software and many other use cases:  

  • Seamless Connectivity: "At Acumera, we understand that seamless connectivity with offline capabilities is the backbone of modern retail operations. Acumera Reliant Platform is designed to empower retailers with reliable and uninterrupted access to critical applications, ensuring they stay ahead in the fast-paced retail landscape," said Richard Newman, CRO of Acumera. 
  • Scalability: "Every business is unique, and scalability is a key factor in accommodating growth. The Acumera Reliant Edge Platform enhances turn-key availability with cloud to store automation to deliver innovative solutions offered by GK Software and other partners. It's not just a cost-effective solution for today but a strategic investment that grows with your business, offering the flexibility to adapt to evolving needs," highlighted Eddie Deyo, CTO at GK Software. 
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: "Operational efficiency is crucial for retailers to stay competitive. Acumera Reliant Platform provides the optimal foundation to support the delivery of innovative solutions such as GK Software, enabling API orchestration, observability, and integrated monitoring, all built to allow businesses to operate more efficiently and with higher resiliency. We believe that technology should empower, not complicate, and that's exactly what our joint solution delivers," mentioned Bill Morrow, CEO at Acumera. 


For more information about the Acumera Reliant Platform, please visit www.acumera.com.

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