June 12, 2024 | Berlin, Germany Schöneck, Germany
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GK Software wins JET as first fuel customer in DACH region

  • With JET, GK Software secures its first European client in the fuel industry.

    The two companies aim to transform JET stations into comprehensive mobility hubs where the changing needs of mobile people are met reliably and effortlessly.

    The full roll-out of GK Drive and JET is planned to be completed by 2026.

GK Software has successfully signed JET as its first European client in the fuel industry. This collaboration follows previous successful projects with other major fuel clients in the US with GK's point-of-sales solution for convenience stores and petrol stations, GK Drive, and marks a significant milestone for GK Software in expanding its European footprint in this particular vertical.

GK Software and JET will work closely to develop an innovative solution tailored to the unique aspects of the European fueling industry. This solution integrates stringent regulations, diverse local laws, and regional customs with state-of-the-art store as well as customer experience technologies, stemming from GK’s 30 years of experience in the retail landscape.

JET, in a bold move, is partnering with GK Software to significantly enhance customer satisfaction. JET aims to have mobile people simply better on the way. With a broad range of offers and fast service, consumer needs are met reliably and effortlessly.

On its part, GK Software will leverage insights from this project to further refine its GK Drive product and establish a robust European framework based on its proven success in the US. Over recent years, GK has consistently expanded its European as well as global footprint and has been leading in crucial categories such as global installations as well as overall customer satisfaction. For example, GK has been mentioned in the RBR Global POS Software Study 2023 as the number one in Europe for new retail POS installations as well as a leader for customer satisfaction for large vendors in the RIS Software LeaderBoard 2024.

CEO Michael Scheibner, under whose leadership GK has gained significant growth momentum since the beginning of his tenure in March 2023, comments winning the JET deal ‘with transformations in mobility, urban infrastructure and culture, customers will expect gas stations to not only offer commodities, but also to transform into convenient retail sites for on-the-go supplies and services. We are grateful for working with JET on the forefront of rethinking the consumer experience in gas stations with the help of our industry-leading solutions for unified commerce.’

‘With ever-increasing changes in the mobility sector, gas stations will not be a mere pit stop in the future, but rather a center where people expect a broader range of retail services. To cater to these changing demands, we are working with GK Software, a proven industry expert in retail technology´, says Georg Ober, Managing Director JET.

The initial pilot tests are set to be completed by 2025, with a full roll-out across Europe planned for  2026.


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