September 17, 2010
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GK SOFTWARE AG Presents Comprehensive Enterprise Store Processing (ESP) System at the EuroCIS

The central focus of the GK SOFTWARE AG stand at the forthcoming EuroCIS in Düsseldorf (Hall 14, stand E 64) will be the presentation of a comprehensive approach to Enterprise Store Processing (ESP). GK SOFTWARE AG will be showing how all the IT-supported business processes in a store can be realized by using an extensive, fully modularized building block system based on the GK/Retail suite.

The latest technology, innovative software architectures and a variety of new or perfected solutions for stores are the major focus at GK SOFTWARE AG's stand at the trade fair this year. Europe's leading store suite, GK/Retail, has been comprehensively updated and improved - from the point of sale to end-to-end store merchandise management processes, automatic label printing and even digital signage. The "GK Solutions for SAP" are a major focus of the package. They enable the end-to-end integration of store processes with a central SAP system online and offline with a level of quality that was not possible in the past. Central architectures and SOA concepts are the key to reducing costs and optimizing processes for the retail trade. GK SOFTWARE AG has brought together this innovative architecture concept under the heading ESP (Enterprise Store Processing). The ESP developed by GK SOFTWARE AG in conjunction with international consultancy firms and leading retail traders is an SOA-based, central architecture concept, which networks existing IT structures at store-based corporations by using a unified integration and control platform; this improves the speed and quality of data flows within any corporation (end-to-end integration with the ESP) and reduces the TCO in the long term. One major focus is on the efficient networking of local and central components, both online and offline, in order to significantly accelerate real time retail business processes and guarantee improved customer services.

New Solution for the End-to-end Integration of Stores and Enterprise Headquarters

GK SOFTWARE AG is making available comprehensive software to enable the end-to-end integra-tion of a store in the shape of the GK/Retail modules for directly linking all the subsystems in a store to the central SAP or other ESP system. As a result, the numerous island solutions within stores are linked to enterprise headquarters through a single interface, which is equipped with business intelligence and ensures that data, parameters and software updates are available at the right place and at the right time. This significantly increases the process speed and the data quality and creates better conditions for central processes (e.g. forecasting and replenishment).

Fully Integrated Mobile Merchandise Management Processes for Stores

Another highlight of the fair is the merchandise management process mapping facility for stores in the shape of the GK/Retail Merchandise Management system. This software forms the link be-tween the central ERP system and the processes at a store. All the processes are available on mobile terminals, which can also operate offline. GK SOFTWARE AG provides the GK/Retail for SAP software package for retailers that use a central SAP system; this has been specially adapted for this environment.
Innovative Extensions of the Leading POS Software
The latest release of GK/Retail POS includes many new functions, which accelerate business processes and help to improve customer services. Each store, for example, can see the current stocks available at other stores throughout the corporation via the stock information server and can arrange a stock transfer in order to enable customers to obtain a particular item. The issue of spe-cial orders for customers, including the administration of the payment, and returns to any store in the chain has been comprehensively expanded in GK/Retail. The latest version of the task man-agement system enables each till to be used to receive and send messages directly from the POS environment. This means that till personnel can, for example, press a button to indicate that a re-placement is required or that more tills need to be opened. Another new feature in the current ver-sion of GK/Retail POS is the till software that now includes a recording facility for the time that a member of staff has worked with the result that no extra terminals are required for this.

Completely Mobile Till

GK SOFTWARE AG will provide a demonstration of GK/Retail POS on a tablet PC as a completely mobile till for the very first time at the EuroCIS. The same version is used as with stationary sys-tems. As a result, customers obtain a mobile workstation, which can also be used in offline mode and which has a scanner and printer as well; and there are no restrictions on its use when com-pared to the regular tills.

Integrated Solution for Automatic Label Printing and Digital Signage

GK SOFTWARE AG is presenting two solutions within GK/Retail for different functions within the field of in-store publishing in the shape of Label & Posterprint and GK/Retail Digital Content Man-agement. Both are linked directly with the ERP system in line with the ESP concept and automati-cally process changes to the master data. As a result, a price change at enterprise headquarters immediately triggers the printing of labels and posters in line with a set a rules. At the same time, the prices, which are displayed on electronic in-store media, for example, can be automatically up-dated. Both solutions can be integrated seamlessly or used in isolation.

Digital Signature

GK SOFTWARE AG will be demonstrating its digital signature solution at the fair too - it has been introduced into productive operations for the first customer recently. This means that customers can provide a secure signature when making a non-cash payment and internal clearance - for ex-ample, by the till manager - can be registered and filed for future reference in a secure manner.

GK Green Store Initiative - Saving Electricity and Reducing Costs

GK SOFTWARE AG will also be presenting innovative solutions to operate store IT systems and save energy and resources at the same time as part of its Green Store Initiative.

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