AIR Module

Dynamic Pricing

Changing thousands of prices in a timely manner is a daunting task when considering competition, costs, SKU relationships, price zones relationships, price sensitivities, and much more.



AIR Dynamic Pricing reduces the pricing workload, limits inconsistencies, and decreases time wasted on manual tasks.

Key Features

Multiple  optimizationstrategies

Multiple optimizationstrategies


AI algorithms for regular and markdown pricing set optimized prices to drive your ideal combination of sales volume, revenue, and margin

Multi-level pricing  strategies

Multi-level pricing strategies


Different price strategies specific to categories, brand or other product groups

Price support or fully  automated pricing

Price support or fully automated pricing


Dynamic Pricing can partially or fully automate price adjustments in order to optimize category management

Pricing strategy  simulation

Pricing strategy simulation


Reveals the business impact of proposed pricing strategies in risk-free virtual test environment

Seamless integration with SAP

Seamless integration with SAP


Architected for full compatibility with SAP infrastructure

Intuitive application  interface based on latest  web technologies

Intuitive application interface based on latest web technologies


Designed to the user’s mental model and modern pricing processes

Support for complex corporate structures

Support for complex corporate structures


Simplified omnichannel price evaluation and execution for organizations of all sizes and structures

Multi-user  management

Multi-user management


Numerous stakeholders have direct access to insights and analysis

Core Benefits

Dynamic Pricing empowers your business.




Powerful machine learning algorithms instantly calculate optimal prices regardless of SKU count by comparing numerous evolving factors in volatile markets against various pricing strategies. Dynamic Pricing will always find the best price to achieve your stated goal.





Benefit from the AI’s ability to outperform the human mind. Intelligent algorithms optimize thousands of prices instantly, adjusting for the complex interconnections of pricing factors including costs, competition, price sensitivities and even the weather.





Define pricing strategies and optimize according to sales, revenue or margin goals. Apply these strategies to segments defined according to product properties like brand or category. With the flexibility to optimize your strategies at any time, you can concentrate on the performance of your products and improving KPIs.


Add- on


Mobile Pricing
Client App

Set optimal prices from anywhere, any time


Interactive price change dashboard makes analysis easy when on the go

Access AI-simulated sales, turnover and profit functions

Receive an automatic calculation of the sales and gross margin impact of proposed and executed decisions

Receive cross-price elastic product recommendations that are influenced by an identified price change

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