Make the right decisions at all times - with Real-Time Prediction by GK AIR


Real-Time-Prediction by GK AIR helps retailers save crucial resources and accelerates qualitative decision-making processes for every customer interaction.


About Real-Time Prediction


Solving the complexities of real-time decision making


We know that the complexity of modern business processes is a big challenge for all organizations. However, real-time AI increases agility and accuracy to ensure that the right decisions are made at all times, for every process and customer interaction. With Real-Time Prediction by GK AIR you will instantly accelerates time to decision-making, ensures best decision quality and reduces your operational costs.


Additional Modules

Modules for GK AIR Real-Time Prediction



Fraud Detection


Use smart Fraud Detection for more security


The introduction of self-service checkouts often leads to problems such as higher loss and fraud rates. In practice, it is often difficult to maintain rule sets for rescan algorithms and static rules are often not flexible enough for multiple stores. This often results in useless rescans that harm the customer experience and require more staff time. AI-based fraud detection can solve these problems.


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Incentives for abandoned carts


Convert potential abandoned carts into satisfied customers


Detect potential abandoned carts early with this module and offer them personalized incentives in real-time to lock in their purchase. To do so, GK AIR calculates the probability of shopping basket cancellations in real time on the basis of decision models used to predict customer-specific behavior and automatically generates personalized incentives such as a banner that gives your customer a ten percent discount or free shipping, if the order is completed in the next fifteen minutes. The result is a considerable increase in sales transactions and a greater average shopping basket value.


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Retailers use GK AIR Real-Time Prediction successfully



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Key Features

Industry-leading features, that increase margins immediately


Accurate prediction of  business and customer  outcomes

Accurate prediction of business and customer outcomes


Predictive capabilities within business processes or within interactive customer relationships on web or mobile

Decisions based  on real-time data

Decisions based on real-time data


Continuously learns, makes decisions and recommendations in real time

Self-learning AI

Self-learning AI


Responds to requests and provides a prediction immediately

Useful for a wide  range of applications

Useful for a wide range of applications


Can be used to prevent online shopping cart abandonment, personnel deployment planning in store and much more


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Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing