GK’s Central Services allow retailers to analyze and process transactions from any source across the enterprise in real time. This powerful collection of services makes it easy to centrally track and analyze customer history, streamline returns, support loss prevention, and promote loyalty initiatives.

GK’s Central Services are POS agnostic, so they can work with any POS system, not just GK’s robust OmniPOS platform. They complement and enhance the OmniPOS Central Applications and Transaction pool, while providing sophisticated and powerful capabilities for retailers and restaurants, including Central Electronic Journal (EJ) & Reporting, Central Returns, and Loyalty and Card Services functions.

SAP® HANA Enterprise Cloud or Microsoft® Azure Cloud availability come standard, with the option to customize to meet the needs of any IT infrastructure.


Central Electronic Journal & Reporting

Playing the role of a cloud- or premise-based central cockpit for any retailer or restaurant, GK Central EJ & Reporting provides a one-stop shop for all the tools you need to search for, analyze and report valuable transaction data.

The CEJ takes all transaction data from your point of purchase solution and stores it in a central repository. You can then access detailed transaction information using standard web browsers on your windows desktop, mobile tablet and even your phone.

Key Features

Access central storage of all POS transaction-related data

All information flows from the POS in real-time using a messaging system from all over the enterprise, storing transaction-related data in the central database including detailed Tlog, receipt text, signature images and more.

Reduce time searching for transactions

GK’s reporting features allow you to drill down to the lowest level of transaction information through an intuitive and detailed dashboard in the Central Electronic Journal portal. Users can easily search and find transactions – whether as part of a chargeback investigation or to answer questions from a sales audit. Having this information at your fingertips reduces costs and time involved in researching transactions.

EMV compliance

As retailers upgrade fuel hardware in compliance with the October 2020 EMV deadline, managing a single enterprise payments platform eliminates the need to completely separate certifications for in store and forecourt payments. With Quick-Chip, you can reduce transaction time and keep your customers secure and satisfied.

Optimize loss prevention and operations reporting:

Retailers and restaurants must regularly – and quickly – identify accurate records of previous individual transactions, whether to respond to a customer inquiry or to identify fraud. Our reporting capabilities gives you an extensive library of Store Ops and LP reports to make it easy and fast to collect the information you need. Additionally, we include a built-in report designer to enable rapid creation of ad-hoc reports.


Central Returns

Returns fraud costs retailers millions of dollars per year. It’s time to make the returns process as secure and seamless as possible. GK Central Returns is designed to avoid customer service issues, errors and theft. It enables you to automate returns transactions through custom rules configurations and enforcement of store policy. The same data that supports the Central Electronic Journal allows us to “systemize” your return processes by validating receipted returns, identifying customers abusing non-receipted returns and enforcing your rules for lowest selling prices, manager authorizations and return tenders.

Key Features

Complements and Enhances OmniPOS Returns

  • Interacts with OmniPOS Transaction Pool
  • More robust policy and rule enforcement
  • Non-receipted Return tracking
  • Return to the original card
Enforce Returns Policies
  • Policies can differ by Season (Standard/Holiday), Region, Store
  • Policies are built from sets of Rules
  • Rules can support different authorization levels (Manager, Cashier, Customer Service)
  • Managed from a Central Rules Engine to apply consistently across your enterprise
  • New rules can be added if not “in the box”
  • No core source code changes are required


Loyalty and Card Services

In order to reward your most loyal customers, you need a centralized management portal to successfully implement all your programs and keep customers satisfied. And to manage everything from loyalty programs to serialized coupons to in-house gift cards, your store requires real-time enterprise-level interaction with all of your customer touchpoints.

GK’s loyalty capabilities help you define a wide variety of campaigns. We provide fully functional programs that are seamlessly integrated, including serialized coupons or cumulative point-based systems that make your customer feel like a VIP.

Key Features

Loyalty Programs

  • Points-based loyalty
  • Membership
  • Frequent Shopper
  • Continuity
  • Bounce Back
Serialized Coupons
  • Generated or imported
  • Independent expiration dates
  • Customer-linked or free use
  • Single or multi-use
  • Coupon banks
In-House Gift Cards
  • Utilize for merchandise credits
  • Automatically transfer points so they are available to spend
  • Control discounting and monitor for fraud