Scanless shopping
done right


A fully integrated scanless solution for attended and unattended stores based on the open CLOUD4RETAIL platform.





provides a superior shopping experience, where no one needs to scan items, yet all cart information is available to shoppers and retailers in real-time.

Today's consumers want convenience & flexibility in when and how they shop. Scanless stores meet this need by allowing shoppers to easily grab items and go.

With GK GO, retailers can not only provide a scanless experience, but they can also offer shoppers the best of both worlds. Shoppers do not need to scan items or wait in line to pay, but they can still look at their phone at any point during their shopping journey and see details about their basket in real time. Their virtual shopping cart provides information such as items, price, promotion, progress towards rewards and more. GK Go also gives retailers the opportunity to communicate offers and personalized messages.

With GK GO retailers can also offer consumers flexibility in how they checkout, for example consumers can be pre-authorized and just walkout, pay on their phone, or pay at a payment tower.

Key Features

A fully scanless store with best-in-class technology

A fully scanless store with best-in-class technology

CLOUD4RETAIL-based GK GO provides deep business logic, end to end orchestration, real-time basket calculation and consumer interaction.

GK GO is hardware agnostic, meaning that it is built to integrate smoothly with state-of-the-art technologies from leading providers. Utilizing Hitachi SmartStore Lidar and Shekel Shelf Aware technology, GK GO provides real-time events, like which item was taken by which consumer, with privacy (no video footage!), precision, and reduced TCO.

Scanless shopping without restrictions

Scanless shopping without restrictions

Using the robust CLOUD4RETAIL platform, all state-of- the-art shopping capabilities are available.

Based on CLOUD4RETAIL, GK GO provides all of the benefits that customers are familiar with from other store formats. This means that promotions, loyalty program perks, mobile applications and consumer retention tools are consistent and can be used across any purchasing format throughout the entire company.

All relevant information is in the hand of the consumer

All relevant information is in the hand of the consumer

With GK GO your customers can see what's in their shopping cart at any time during the shopping journey.

Scanless shopping doesn't have to mean dealing with a mysterious black box. With GK GO, your customers can see exactly what is in their shopping cart, their total costs so far, applied promotions and coupons, and more their progress towards rewards and personalized offers- as they shop.

Flexible checkout options

Flexible checkout options

GK GO provides flexible journeys from check-in to checkout for any shopper, no matter how often they visit your store.

With GK GO, shoppers can decide how they want to check-out. For example, returning customers can pre-authorize payment, shop and leave the store without any further interaction. Or, they can decide to use in app mobile payment or even a pay tower. Still, no items will need to be scanned!

Autonomous or staffed stores

Autonomous or staffed stores

GK GO allows for varied store formats that are customizable to your needs.

GK GO is not just for small, container store formats or pop-up shops. Since the solution is based on the proven CLOUD4RETAIL platform, you can also equip larger stores with the technology, allowing multiple consumers to shop at the same time in the way that best fits them.

Fully integrated instead of stand-alone

Fully integrated instead of stand-alone

GK GO is part of CLOUD4RETAIL’s comprehensive offerings for retailers.

The solution is a new, open API service and is a part of the CLOUD4RETAIL platform. As such, GK GO leverages GK’s end-to-end enterprise offerings. Plus, it incorporates the reach capabilities of CLOUD4RETAIL and the open architecture for easy extensibility and freedom of choice.


Simply walk out - but with full control



Easy shopper check-in



Basket calculated in real time



Virtual basket shown on the app in real time



Real-time communication between retailers and consumers



Access to additional product details



Various checkout methods are possible



Digital receipts appear in real time on the app



Increased privacy – no cameras are used



Easy addition of new items - no images required



Lower total cost of ownership


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