GK Software’s Mobile Consumer Assistant (MCA) platform turns shoppers’ smartphones into a mobile customer engagement tool by bringing a wealth of white-label, consumer-friendly capabilities to any Android or iOS mobile application

With over 10,000 stores and 5 million consumers already connected to the platform worldwide, GK Software offers North American retailers the benefits of incorporating the platform’s business-critical capabilities into their omni-channel strategy. The simplicity of connecting the application to the retailer’s POS, ERP, CRM and other enterprise systems delivers rapid ROI with minimal business disruption.

Key Features

GK’s Mobile Consumer Assistant (MCA) platform’s white-label capabilities include:
Self-Scanning Using Shoppers’ Smartphones

Consumers can use their smartphones as a self-scanning device to eliminate the traditional pain points of the checkout process. It is as secure and simple as using traditional mobile payment solutions widely available today, while utilizing the retailer’s current checkout infrastructure.


Personalized Promotions

Through integration with GK's AI-based personalization engine (AIR), SAP or other enterprise marketing platforms, GK's MCA leverages personal shopping history to offer advanced, real-time personalized offer capabilities. By providing unique offers to consumers as they browse phsyical or digital storefronts, anywhere and at any time, retailers turn their stores into powerful sales engines e-commerce competitors can't match.


Loyalty Programs

Digital loyalty programs deliver vouchers and rewards on the go and can entertain campaigns across various suppliers. In tandem with personalized offers, integrated loyalty programs help provide a new level of excitement and value for shoppers.


Award Redemption

Customers can automatically redeem all relevant offers through a “one tap” process to enable identification of the individual shopper, collect new points and credits for future purchases, and receive e-receipts to the mobile wallet. This maximizes customer throughput for the retailer, and convenience for the shopper.


Customer Data

Retailers can analyze and react to real-time, in-store consumer behavior on the same platform they use to track web store behavior. By analyzing in-store decision-making, retailers gain a 360-degree view of the consumer journey, enabling them to improve operational and merchandising efficiency at every step during the path to purchase.


Open Integration With GK

With GK’s Mobile Consumer Assistant platform, retailers benefit from a complete omni-channel solution, with pre-built integration to SAP’s Retail ERP, hybris and CAR, as well as open integration to other enterprise platforms to ensure rapid implementation and operational simplicity.

SAP® HANA Enterprise Cloud or Microsoft® Azure Cloud availability come standard, with the option to customize to meet the needs of any IT infrastructure.


Our Mobile Consumer Assistant (MCA) solution enables you to implement successful end-to-end communication strategies which lay the foundation for long-term and sustainable consumer relationships.


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