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gives you the ability to deploy mobile retail concepts on any hardware device to meet the demands of modern shoppers.

Mobile POS enables you to provide great customer service anywhere in the store. Whether at the shelf, waiting in line or on-the-go, shoppers enjoy the same quality, speed and security of a stationary POS.

Key Features

support service

Best customer service - anywhere

Modern retail is no longer complete without mobile service and support everywhere in the store.

Turn employee tablets and smartphones into modern point of sale devices with innovative clienteling concepts so you can serve your customers where it’s most convenient for them.

enterprise application

Fully integrated enterprise application

Mobile POS is an integral part of the robust GK/Retail landscape and seamlessly connects to the GK CLOUD4RETAIL platform or your existing point of sale infrastructure.

Either way, you have access to exactly the same data and information so you can keep your infrastructure and service efficient and effective.

up-to-date operating systems

Modern hardware and up-to-date operating systems

Mobile POS offers unrestricted deployments.

Choose between iOS and Android and a wide range of tablet or smartphone hardware that best fits your business and your customers.

no functional limitations

No functional limitations

Mobile POS performs the same processes as your stationary cash registers.

Offer your customers the same service at mobile cash registers as at stationary ones - including card payments, receipt printing, coupon redemption, mobile payment or CRM integration.

secure mobile device management

Secure mobile device management

Mobile POS meets the highest security standards and allows users to access device management tools from any supplier to enable a variety of modern mobile operating scenarios.

The comprehensive security configurations comply with PCI-DA requirements for the secure internal distribution of the iOS app, for rights management and for the connection of peripheral devices.

cloud ready

Cloud Ready

Mobile POS is available as a fully managed cloud service through CLOUD4RETAIL.

SAP® HANA Enterprise Cloud or Microsoft® Azure Cloud availability come standard, with the option to customize to meet the needs of any IT infrastructure.



Available for any modern, touch-based device, regardless of location



Lean solution eliminates wait times at customer-service desks or in special sales areas



Full integration of mobile devices into a GK/Retail environment or existing infrastructure as a stand-alone solution



Flexibility in the implementation of new business processes



Supports a variety of payment processes - on the device, at stationary points of sale, or at special payment points



Cloud-based solution enables rapid deployment without extensive installation or configuration work


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