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Welcome to OmniScale, the next level of weighing - revolutionizing your customer experience with effortless weighing and accurate item recognition. Designed to integrate seamlessly with your store infrastructure, our smart OmniScale provides a hardware-independent solution for fast, accurate weighing without compromise.


Turning the Scale into an Integrated Retail Solution


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OmniScale is an item recognition grocery scale that turns weighing into a fast and efficient process. Our solution marks a paradigm shift for retailers, transforming scales from isolated tools to fully integrated components of the store infrastructure. Built on GK CLOUD4RETAIL's open and platform-independent architecture, OmniScale ensures maximum agility and seamless integration with other enterprise applications and processes. The limitations of traditional scales are a thing of the past – with AI-powered item recognition, OmniScale transforms the point of weighing into a point of accuracy and confidence.


Unlocking Efficiency:
The Smart Advantages of OmniScale for Retail Precision


OmniScale with AI Item Recognition not only saves a lot of time at the scale or checkout, but also provides completely hardware agnostic solutions. Enjoy the benefits of automated learning for item recognition, a silent onboarding process, and cloud-ready capabilities right out of the box.

Designed for maximum efficiency and convenience, OmniScale gives you the edge in today's competitive retail environment.





Offline capability

Offline capability

AI Learning

AI Learning

Business Impact

Driving Operational Excellence and Boosting Your Bottom Line


For retailers, OmniScale delivers tangible business impact. The time saved at the scale or checkout by item recognition translates directly into increased operational efficiency. Silent onboarding ensures a smooth transition, and continuous AI learning improves item recognition over time. With OmniScale, your scales become an integral part of the store infrastructure, promoting accurate pricing and inventory control, ultimately improving your bottom line.


OmniScale is an integral part of our GK CLOUD4RETAIL platform


OmniScale is hardware independent


OmniScale gets better every day through AI learning



Our vision for OmniScale is to redefine the retail landscape by offering a fully integrated, hardware-independent solution that sets new standards for weighing accuracy and efficiency.

We want to enable retailers to provide a seamless shopping experience where consumers can shop with confidence, knowing that our AI item recognition ensures accurate weighing and streamlined checkout.

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