The hardware-independent solution for fully integrated scales.


Weighing without compromises.






A paradigm shift is occurring for retailers that rely on scales to maintain flexible, accurate pricing and inventory control.

Transform your store’s scales from an island solution to a fully integrated part of the store infrastructure. OmniScale is built on CLOUD4RETAIL's open and platform-independent architecture. The solution guarantees maximum agility and seamless integration with other enterprise applications and processes.

Key Features

Fully hardware-independent scale solution

Fully hardware-independent scale solution

OmniScale is completely platform and operation system independent – like all CLOUD4RETAIL components.

The solution can be implemented on any open, computer-scale hardware, regardless of vendor. Mixed installations with hardware from different vendors are also possible.

One solution for all types of scales

One solution for all types of scales

Omniscale can be used with all types of scales, from traditional counter scales to self-service scales or checkout scales.

With OmniScale, retailers only need one software for all scales. Share the same communication infrastructure with the central ERP system and all other IT components.

Integrated loyalty and promotions

Integrated loyalty and promotions

Integrate your scales into your loyalty program and leverage the power of customer engagement.

GK’s solution set offers unlimited possibilities, leverage CLOUD4RETAIL for modern promotions or integrate the Mobile Consumer Assistant for modern customer service.

Seamless end-to-end connections with your ERP

Seamless end-to-end connections with your ERP

Connect your scales to your ERP system to ensure identical prices throughout your store at any time.

OmniScale offers slip processing and real-time forecasting and replenishment for seamless fresh item management.

Stand-alone or within a GK store environment

Stand-alone or within a GK store environment

Embed your scales in the same infrastructure as your POS; manage your entire system seamlessly by implementing CLOUD4RETAIL and OmniScale in unison.

OmniScale can be used as a fully integrated solution with other GK/Retail modules or as a stand-alone solution, depending on your requirements.

Cloud ready out-of-the-box

Cloud ready out-of-the-box

Mobile POS is available as a fully managed cloud service through CLOUD4RETAIL.

SAP® HANA Enterprise Cloud or Microsoft® Azure Cloud availability comes standard, with the option to customize the platform to meet the needs of any IT infrastructure.



Consistent scale software, independent of the employed hardware



Seamless end-to-end integration of scales into the central ERP system



Near real-time data supply and disposal ensures high data quality



Ensures identical promotions and loyalty campaigns on the POS and on the scales



Real-time supply of fresh item management and F&R systems



Scale custers from different manufacturers provide investment security


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