Improve your store efficiency.


End-to-end integration of all merchandise-related, store-level processes with your central ERP system





Store Inventory Management

is the market-leading standard solution for the seamless integration of stores with any central ERP system.

GK/Retail Store Inventory Management bridges the gap between the ERP system in your headquarters and store-level processes. It enables your employees to effectively and efficiently handle all merchandise needs – whether in store, in the storeroom or with incoming goods – using any device.


Key Features

End-to-end integration

End-to-end integration with your ERP system

Ensures seamless end-to-end connection to any central ERP system.

Intelligent data-exchange mechanisms ensure the latest data can be used at all times at both the corporate and store level without any conflicting data entries. The flexible software architecture allows you to integrate the solution with any ERP system, while the standard solution comes optimized for use with a central SAP System.

direct link

A direct link from the central system to the shelf

Makes all store-level, merchandise-related processes available for online and offline use on mobile devices.

Tried-and-true data storage and data-exchange mechanisms ensure that the latest data are available on mobile devices in addition to back-office systems.

Continuous process support

Continuous process support

Safeguards the continuous support of processes during product handling using mobile end devices.

Store Inventory Management ensures the continuous support of item handling processes requiring mobile devices. The various components seamlessly align and guarantee merchandising processes run smoothly in every store. Meanwhile, all mobile functionalities are available on and off line as required.

Real-time inventory information

Real-time inventory information

In order to provide the data necessary for automatic scheduling in real-time, Store Inventory Management includes its own preliminary inventory management function.

This records all inventory changes in real time so that the F&R system can generate recommendations for automatic scheduling without any delay. Since it is no longer necessary to wait for completion of the update process in the ERP system, this enables faster response times for ordering.



The complete solution is entirely platform-independent and can be used with virtually any standard hardware and any Java-enabled operating system.

Native versions of the mobile solution are available for iOS and Android, as well as for other types of devices.

cloud ready

Cloud ready

Mobile POS is available as a fully managed cloud service through cloud4retail.

SAP® HANA Enterprise Cloud or Microsoft® Azure Cloud availability come standard, with the option to customize to meet the needs of any IT infrastructure.



Inventory Intake

Inventory Intake

  • Including reference documents for items received, support for manual inventory intake, preliminary receipts, and returns
  • Defective product support for various items and product groups
Goods Movement

Goods Movement

  • Stock transfer and reallocation
  • Post-processing of data collected by mobile devices before inventory report transmission


  • Preparation of reports, comparison with the ERP system and advance inventory management
  • Immediate request for new labels


  • Mobile display of all product-level data
  • Corrections immediately visible on the shelf


  • Various inventory mechanisms, both using mobile devices and server-based data
  • Inventory availability, inventory checklists
  • Full inventory insight with ERP connection


  • Easy processing of all types of returns
  • Planned and unplanned returns, targeted recalls or short-term recall actions, as well as reallocations


  • Tailor-made processes for all manual scheduling scenarios
  • E.g., checklists of scheduled stock, manual scheduling, or emergency orders
Label and Poster Printing

Label and Poster Printing

  • Automation of label printing processes, including manual print requests
  • Relevant labels/posters are automatically printed on the right printer in the right store following updates to the ERP system
Advance Inventory Management

Advance Inventory Management

  • Near-real-time store-level inventory management
  • Immediate adaptation of all processes that influence inventory



Increase in processing speed and data quality, both in stores and in the ERP system



Direct branch-level process support during product handling optimally complements the ERP system



Mobile processes in store improve transparency and response times



Opportunities for fast adjustments to all inventory influencing processes



Higher degree of automation in forecast and replenishment



Platform-independence enables the use of data processing devices operating on iOS and Android



Central components can be utilized entirely in the SAP environment and are fully cloud-compatible



Fully integrated with SAP and can be integrated with any other ERP system



Optimal cooperation with other CLOUD4RETAIL services


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