02.08.2021 | Schöneck, Germany
3 min read

GK Software now also offering the proven CLOUD4RETAIL platform for the catering industry - Manufactum places its trust in GK Hospitality

With GK Hospitality, GK Software has integrated the requirements of restaurants into its CLOUD4RETAIL platform, enabling retail companies to now use the same agile and highly scalable software platform for their catering areas as they do in their stores. The solution can also be used by chain catering establishments.

As with all CLOUD4RETAIL components, the catering version can be used both in the cloud and in the classical way on premises. SAP is also already selling GK Hospitality as an add-on to the SAP Omnichannel Point-of-Sale by GK solution, which is identical to the GK Software solution.

As of Release 5.17, typical restaurant requirements such as assigning orders to tables, supplying counter or kitchen printers with data, splitting tables when paying, creating subtotals, handover when changing shifts and recording tips have become standard features of the proven GK Software platform.

One of the first companies to decide to use GK Hospitality for their retail catering is Manufactum. The company relies on GK solutions across all of its business units and sales divisions and is now applying them for the Manufactum Brot & Butter catering business as well. By using standardized software, the intention is to enable guests to pay for the food and drink they consume on the premises along with the products they purchase at the counter. To this end, the scales used at the counters are also fully integrated into the solution.

Jens Braida, Manufactum Group Project Manager explains: “We offer our customers a seamless, end-to-end dining and shopping experience. A standardized software solution is the answer to this, and at the same time enables us to reduce the number of systems in use. That also applies to fiscalization, which we have implemented with the Deutsche Fiskal cloud solution. We are extremely satisfied with the collaboration with GK Software and are delighted that our catering requirements are also now reflected in the GK solution.”

Following the GK Drive petrol station solution, GK Hospitality brings another addition to the CLOUD4RETAIL platform enabling retail companies to implement the requirements of their different business areas with a uniform solution. Besides reducing complexity, this hugely simplifies an overarching customer approach and company-wide promotions and loyalty campaigns.