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For more than 20 years now, GK Artificial Intelligence for Retail AG (GK AIR), formerly prudsys AG, is one of the leading providers of cloud-based AI solutions for retailers. Our mission is to automate personalization and pricing processes in retail by means of artificial intelligence (AI). The GK AIR product portfolio delivers ready-to-use AI applications for Personalization, Dynamic Pricing, and Real-Time Prediction. GK AIR’s powerful, self-learning algorithms provide in-depth insights into product and customer behavior, enabling retailers to make fast, data-driven decisions for business success.


AI Applications



Build excellent retail strategies across all touchpoints with GK AIR


GK AIR is the first AI-based solution portfolio to offer retail-only applications for optimizing and merging industry processes. Regardless of the touchpoint- instore, or ecommerce - The GK AIR portfolio combines the best of online and analog retail expertise. Through our platform, retailers are enabled to create highly personalized shopping experiences across all touchpoints for customers. We optimize your retail strategy through easy applications- deployed without extensive trainings. With GK AIR, you will effectively increase growth, operate more sustainably and create overall better customer experiences.



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AI Applications


Customers of all retail segments trust in GK AIR products


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Ready-to-use AI services

Ready-to-use AI applications

Achieve results quickly with AIR applications that are ready-to-use and can be deployed instantly.

You do not need long project phases to experience the rewards of modern decision-making tools. The preconfigured processes of the AIR platform enable you to quickly turn data at any scale into business value.

Customized to retailers’ needs

Customized to retailers’ needs

The ready-to-use AI applications are specially designed for to deliver advanced features, including personalization and dynamic pricing.

The applications of the AIR platform are exclusively focused on the challenges of modern retailing and address the concrete challenges of daily business. They provide actionable recommendations that drive competitive advantages in a highly dynamic market.

AI-based insights for any channel and any device

AI-based insights for any channel and any device

The AIR platform automates your processes at every touchpoint: in the store, on mobile devices, online and across all other channels.

The cloud-based AIR applications meet all the requirements of modern omnichannel retailing. Intelligent insights can be displayed at every touchpoint of the customer journey and integrates seamlessly into existing interfaces for point of sale, merchandising, ERP and CRM systems.

Real-time results for rapid actions

Real-time results for rapid actions

You always receive the insights and recommendations of the AIR applications in real time. This enables you to react immediately to new challenges from customers, competitors and the market.

Our AI applications continuously analyze all relevant conditions such as customer behavior, merchandise levels or competitor prices to provide fully contextual recommendations.


Immediate Results for Your Bottom Line


Avg. revenue
increase in FMCG
with Dynamic Pricing
Overall increased revenue
in fashion retail with
Increase in overall orders
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AI Applications

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  • Increase your click rates, revenue and margin by offering customers shopping experiences, that are tailored to their personal needs
  • Offer your customers tailored, relevant and positive shopping experience at every point of their journey with the help of our AI
  • Optimize Campaign ROIs, e.g. via smart target group segmentation
Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing



  • Calculate optimal prices by comparing numerous evolving factors in volatile markets against various pricing strategies. Dynamic Pricing will always find the best price to achieve your stated goal.
  • Optimize prices instantly adjusting for the complex interconnections of pricing factors including costs, competition, price sensitivities and even the weather.
  • Define and optimize pricing strategies according to sales, revenue or margin goals and apply them to product properties such as brand or category. Track the performance and improve on crucial KPIs
Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection



  • Avoid losses resulting from inadvertent or deliberate fraud with automatic detection of high numbers of fraud cases
  • Increase customer acceptance by reducing the number of unnecessary rescans
  • Benefit from the best fraud detection for different regions and markets
intelligent scale

Item Recognition



  • Reduce in-branch queues and increase customer satisfaction
  • Optimize checkout and weighing procedures with quick identification of goods based on optical parameters
  • Ensure that staff and customers select the right product