Transform the Omnichannel Experience and boost your sales with high-end personalization


Personalization by GK AIR boost sales through state-of-the-art shopping experiences across all touchpoints: tailored to every individual customer preference.


Some benefits at a glance

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About GK AIR Personalization


Recommend the right products to every customer across all touchpoints


Personalize your customers’ shopping experience across all sales channels and provide them with a seamless customer experience. With GK AIR Personalization, you can analyze the interests of your customers based on current behavioral data and including historical transaction data. Deliver fully automated recommendations at every customer touchpoint that are tailored 1:1 to your customers’ current needs. Self-learning algorithms that adapt to your customers’ behavior in real time ensure the highest recommendation quality.



Add-Ons for GK AIR Personalization



Real-Time Personalization in customer newsletters


  • Capture attention with customized visual content, not just text
  • Cache recommendations for consistent user experience
  • Seamlessly and automatically transfer your recommendations to electronic (or printed) newsletters
  • Generate more value through improved open and click-through rates


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  • Identify the most receptive customers for every campaign to create optimal offer relevance
  • Use online tracking information for target group selection
  • Always address the right customers with the right offer
  • Improve campaign intelligence, impact, and ROI


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Additional Modules

Modules for GK AIR Personalization



GK AIR Image Similarity


  • Increase your sales by recommending similar products
  • Suggest alternative products based on similar images
  • Automatically capture product color, shape, and appearance in real time
  • Combine similar features with non-visual filters such as price range or brand
  • Reduce cancellation rates and increase sales with appropriate recommendations


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Deployed by major retailers, with hundreds of cloud installations worldwide





What our customers say



GK AIR Personalization in use at Coop


Since 2013, Coop Genossenschaft, one of the largest retail and wholesale companies in Switzerland, has been using the AI solution GK AIR Personalization for a successful and tailored customer approach. Through intelligent couponing in the newsletter and personalized content on, the company achieves success in terms of net sales, purchase frequency and contribution margin. In a chat with GK at EuroCIS 2022, Ivan Guerrieri, Project Manager UX at Coop, describes the key learnings from the use cases deployed, gives tips for optimal testing and an outlook on where the journey is headed in terms of 1:1 personalization.


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Key Features

Industry-leading features, that increase margins immediately


High-end real-time  recommendations

High-end real-time recommendations


Our recommendation engines provide the most effective suggestions of products, categories and important content to shoppers.

Personalization for  B2C and B2B

Personalization for B2C and B2B


The right personalization for different customer needs.

Direct increase of  customer value

Direct increase of customer value


Our algorithmman increase click-through rates, sales, profits, open rates, conversion rates or average order value.




Our AI solution delivers a positive customer experience of the highest personal relevance across all channels.

Self-learning AI

Self-learning AI


Reinforcement learning enables automatic reaction and adaptation to customer behavior in real time.

Test your own ideas

Test your own ideas


Test your own strategies and business scenarios for your business success.

How it works

Personalization upon first contact to truly build lasting customer experiences



Start personalization with the first customer contact



Increase your conversion rate with intelligent campaigns



Implement unique personalization scenarios at all touchpoints



Use the intuitive, web-based graphical user interface (Web GUI)



Use a variety of different recommendation logics



Optionally make changes to the content of recommendation logics, as the business recommendation logic and technical playout are separate



Define fallbacks for your campaigns according to your business rules (instead of just top sellers). Use different fallbacks per campaign



Sell fixed product placements



Find the best recommendation strategy faster: new statistics show the performance of your recommendations down to the actual logic.



Configure A/B testing of different recommendation logics with a few clicks via dashboard widget in the web interface.



HTML-5 based web GUI: Easy integration into your IT infrastructure, e.g. in a framework into the CMS



Our AI solution runs on Open JDK - benefit from the advantages of the free implementation of the Java platform


Screen desktop


Our AIR solutions for personalization work smoothly with


clever reach







SAP hybris







Learn more about the application scenarios of intelligent personalization along the customer journey



Tailored personalization in fashion retail

The matching jacket to the selected blouse in the shopping basket, matching accessories directly as a purchase suggestion, offers in the newsletter based on the last purchase, all this is possible with customised personalization. Inspire your customers with a personalized shopping experience - online, in-store and beyond. Learn more about successful applications of personalization in fashion retail.


Sure-fit recommendations in DIY retail

Nowhere are there so many details to consider as with building materials, so that tools, building elements or building chemicals also fit together and develop the desired effect. 
So transfer the specialist quality of advice - online, in the store and beyond to your web shop as well. Offer the right tool individually for each customer at the respective touchpoint. Learn more about successful applications of personalization in DIY retail.

Case Studies GK AIR


BADER: Precisely tailored recommendations for quality products achieve high customer resonance

Bader has stood for quality products in the fashion, living and lifestyle segments for over 90 years. The fashion retailer decided to integrate GK AIR Personalization in order to increase traffic to the online store and response to the customer newsletter.


Bergzeit: Effective price management through dynamic price control

Especially in a highly volatile market environment, it is crucial interactions between the various price influencing factors in order to price the product range optimally. Outdoor outfitter Bergzeit uses GK AIR Dynamic Pricing to implement channel- and country-specific pricing, thereby optimizing its key performance indicators while ensuring customer acceptance.


Berner Group: Personalization powers stronger customer response rates at Berner

B2B customers from the construction, industry and mobility sectors in more than 20 countries rely on the expertise of the Berner brands. In order to offer them a personalized online experience with relevant product recommendations, Berner decided to integrate the AI solution GK AIR Personalization. Dynamic recommendation areas ensure a strong customer response in 20 country stores.


Coop: Relevant purchase incentives for the supermarket through individual coupons

Coop integrated purchase incentives into the newsletter in order to increase purchase frequency at the omnichannel platform With GK AIR Personalization, Coop creates individualized coupons that are tailored to the interests of each newsletter recipient. The solution takes into account both the purchases from the supermarket as well as purchases from online.

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Kärcher: Successful customer approach through intelligent real-time personalization

B2C and B2B customers worldwide rely on the efficient, resource-saving cleaning systems from Kärcher. The company decided to integrate the GK AIR Personalization AI solution into its online channels in order to offer a high level of consulting expertise, improve the shopping experience and optimize key performance indicators.

Icon thalia

Falke: First-class recommendations for first-class products

The international fashion retailer Falke has decided to implement the omnichannel-capable AI solution GK AIR Personalization in order to achieve an individual customer approach in its numerous country stores, the associated newsletters and, in the long term, also in its stores. New use cases for personalization are regularly personalization are regularly added at Falke.

Icon popken

Popken Fashion Group: Best pricies for strong market positioning

Fashion specialist Popken Fashion Group specializes in fashion in large sizes and relies on GK AIR Dynamic Pricing for the pricing of its product ranges. The fashion retailer opted for the AI solution because it delivered convincing results in A/B tests and optimally prices fashion products over the entire life cycle. Routine category management tasks are eliminated and market changes are taken into account in real time in the price calculation.

Icon sanicare

Sanicare: Efficient pricing for 700,000 products in the healthcare sector

BS Apotheken OHG decided to integrate GK AIR Dynamic Pricing in order to simplify and optimize the pricing of product ranges in its the Sanicare and Aliva online shop pharmacies. This enables the company to implement highly dynamic pricing across the various online channels.

Icon wmf

WMF: Drinking and eating with pleasure – relevant products for the best culinary experiences

In order to strengthen customer loyalty outside of the retail store and and simultaneously increase sales, WMF decided to use GK AIR Personalization in its online business. Various personalization scenarios, such as the use of intelligent newsletter campaigns, have a positive impact on key performance indicators and customer loyalty.