GK/Retail gives retailers virtually limitless flexibility to run promotional campaigns at the POS. It also enables third-party, multi-retailer or in-house loyalty schemes to be implemented and handles all the business processes relating to loyalty cards and the awarding or redemption of points.

GK/Retail puts a customer loyalty scheme within reach of almost any type of retailer, and the opportunities are virtually limitless. The GK/Retail Suite solutions work together seamlessly to facilitate centralized campaign planning, creation, monitoring, automatic and time-controlled distribution, and smooth execution of all promotional activities and loyalty schemes.

Enterprise Promotions Management

The Enterprise Promotions Management software allows flexible campaigns like discounts, coupons, happy hours, etc., to be planned and distributed, either company-wide or to selected stores or regions. At the same time, the solution can fully manage the issuing of points and application of discounts within the retailer's own loyalty scheme or multi-retailer ones. The GK/Retail solution already offers interfaces to the leading loyalty programs such as Payback, Lufthansa Miles & More, Happy Digits and Deutschland-Card.

Stored Value Server

The Stored Value Server is a comprehensive solution for handling all voucher-related processes. The central voucher database prevents errors or fraud when using any kind of voucher system. The solution facilitates the complete handling of electronic gift cards, including the accounting aspect, without the use of additional third-party software.

Multi-Channel Loyalty Server

The Multi-Channel Loyalty Server enables end-to-end processes to run across different sales channels and ensures that the same promotional and loyalty activities can be used everywhere. This allows the same rules to be applied in the webshop as in physical stores, and hence ensures a consistent image in all channels.

Enhanced Loyalty Engine

The Enhanced Loyalty Engine ensures that all relevant promotional and loyalty activities are automatically applied at the POS without employees being required to take extra action. If necessary, it communicates with external loyalty systems and can, for example, access online rewards stores directly from the POS to allow shoppers to redeem points.

Open architecture concept

Thanks to the open architecture concept, GK/Retail offers seamless POS support for innovative systems for mobile couponing or mobile payment such as valuephone. It also enables cashless payment (electronic wallet) and the redemption of coupons directly from smartphones using scanners or NFC technology.

GK/Retail offers you the opportunity to gain competitive advantage through innovative customer loyalty schemes. The GK/Retail Suite solutions also enable you to benefit from end-to-end processes and seamless integration without requiring external solutions for each individual process.