The increasingly complex world of retail IT demands more user-friendly and customer-oriented solutions which permanently reduce the level of complexity and simplify processes and workflows. Therefore, the entire world of GK/Retail solutions strives to place users and their needs at its core. We accomplish this aim by providing solutions, technologies, IT architectures and designs that revolve around the user experience.

For GK/Retail, reducing complexity means regarding a store as a single unit. All of its IT processes – its merchandise management processes, various types of checkouts, scales and other customer touch points, digital signage, label and poster printing, ESLs, empties and kiosk systems and the mobile customer experience – are treated as components of the total solution. Hence, GK/Retail eliminates the numerous and often costly stand-alone in-store systems, consistently reduces data redundancies and simplifies the management, monitoring and maintenance, even for very large store networks. This enables true end-to-end integration of the central system with all store-level subsystems.


GK/Retail tackles the challenges of complex retail concepts featuring hundreds or even thousands of stores with a comprehensive centralization concept for store-level IT. This involves storing all the relevant software components in a central data center in order to simplify the administration and support and to concentrate the IT activities where dedicated specialists are available. Therefore, all central components of the GK/Retail Business Suite are configured for used in the cloud. In combination with a secure architecture which safeguards business-critical processes via GK Smart Clients at all times, even classic store solutions such as point of sale can be cloud-based. Placing solutions in the cloud permanently reduces the complexity and costs of the store infrastructure.

The GK/Retail applications also increase simplicity for the user by offering a unique user experience thanks to a state-of-the-art and consistent design of all components. To this end, a comprehensive design framework has been developed in collaboration with a team of experts that works on the basis of the same principle for all applications – whether for use with desktops, mobile devices or different types of checkout or scale systems – and in line with the latest demands for GUI design. The aim is to guide users through the processes quickly and simply using intuitive and ergonomic solutions. The mobile customer experience solutions, which are built around the same requirements, enable consumers to use their smartphones, thus adding a new dimension to the interaction between retailers and shoppers.


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