The GK/Retail Sales Cockpit provides your sales teams with instant access to the detailed information they need to succeed, and without any training.

The sleek, platform-independent solution fits seamlessly into any IT environment and allowspromotes a quick ROI for a clear, minimal long-term TCO.

Information in real time

The GK/Retail Sales Cockpit enables any authorized user to access centrally or locally stored information – such as sales estimates for the entire company or specific departments – in real time.

Valuable updates including intra-day evaluation of current promotions or recognition of difficulties product-specific sales execution (Penner lists) can be created and leveraged by the whole team to make more informed adjustments faster than ever before.

Mobile business information

Visualized management information is provided in a web format, allowing you to move beyond the restrictions of desktop PCs and utilize any device with an Internet browser – enabling anyone to proactively respond to live information regardless of location.