With Open Scale, scales are completely and seamlessly integrated into your store-level IT landscape rather than remaining a stand-alone system. As an additional benefit, different models of scales or those from different manufacturers can be controlled using the same standard software. Within your systems landscape, each scale becomes an easy-to-manage device that is fully integrated into the same data-exchange infrastructure as your checkouts and other devices.

Leverage your scales as a targeted communication medium for loyalty-building and promotional activities – including smartphone support if desired – just as you would do at the point of sale and other touch points in your omni-channel strategy. This enables you to use the same marketing applications throughout the entire store in an integral and transparent approach.

Irrespective of which weighing methods you offer in your stores, whether classic service-counter weighing, self-service scales, checkout scales or modular scales such as those used in the DIY sector, the PTB-certified options within the Open Scale standard solution meet all the necessary requirements without increasing in-store complexity.