AIR Module

Deliver High-End Personalized Omnichannel Experiences

Offer your customers an extremely personal, relevant and positive shopping experience at every point of their journey.



Big data and artificial intelligence bring you closer to your customers than ever before. Take advantage of the potential of our intelligent, real-time solutions and meet your customers right where they are, every time.

Key Features

High-end real-time  recommendations

High-end real-time recommendations


Our recommendation engines provide the most effective suggestions of products, categories and important content to shoppers

Personalization for  B2C and B2B

Personalization for B2C and B2B


The application is complete with all features for both B2C and B2B experience

Direct increase of  customer value

Direct increase of customer value


Our algorithm increases revenue and margin, not just click rates




Supports personalization across all business processes and all channels to provide a seamless experience

Self-learning AI

Self-learning AI


Reinforcement learning enables automatic reaction and adaptation to customer behavior

Test your own ideas

Test your own ideas


Define campaigns or set up tests to validate business hypotheses

Core Benefits

High-End Real-Time Personalization Empowers Your Business


Implement unique personalization scenarios at all touchpoints



Significantly increase conversion, turnover and customer retention



Start personalization with the first customer contact


Add- on


Add-On Newsletter

Transfer the power of real-time recommendations to your newsletter


Capture attention with customized visual content, not just text

Cache recommendations for consistent user experience

Seamlessly and automatically transfer your recommendations to electronic (or printed) Newsletters

Generate more value through improved open and click-through rates

Add- on


Add-On Profiler

Increase your conversion rate with intelligent campaigns


Identify the most receptive customers for every campaign to create optimal offer relevance

Use online tracking information for target group selection

Always address the right customers with the right offer

Improve campaign intelligence, impact, and ROI


Add- on


Add-On Product
Image Similarity

Achieve more sales through “like-item” product recommendations


Suggest alternative products based on image similarities

Capture color, shape and appearance of products automatically in real time

Combine image similarity with non-visual filters such as price range or brand

Reduce the number of purchase cancellations and increase sales from recommendations


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